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Another day, another week, another month,  another year.  New Years eve has always been one of my favorite days of the year.  I take this day to reflect on the past, measure the present and contemplate the future.

There were days when we never thought we would make it away from the dock, others when we wished we hadn’t.  We survived storms and calms both on the boat and with each other.  We saw more beautiful sunrises and sunsets than we can remember, combed beaches and explored valleys.  For every lesson I taught Serena she taught me one as well, and there were many we learned together.  Some days we feasted and others we scrimped with what we had.

When I look back this seems like a logical end of the beginning.  A new page has been turned and a new chapter is ready to be written.  So many things I never got to write about but all in due time.

To each and every person who helped me along the way with bits of line or a new winch. installations or electrical advice or any of the literally thousands of projects I have completed with your help I say a genuine thank you.  Words of wisdom from so many or simple words of congratulations and well wishes.  For every person who has pulled for me and even the ones who said It would never happen I say thank you all in so many ways I would have never made it this far without you.

When I look back on my new life I have to say its the people I have met through this blog and sailing that give me my fondest memory’s.  Boats can be replaced, storms will end and memories are just that.  Friends on the other hand are more valuable than all the gold in the world.  If you are reading these words you are part of my life, so on this last day of 2013 I say a giant thank you and wish with all my heart that you will follow your dreams through each and every day of your life.  Happy New Years.

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