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I use this knife day in and day out.  I use it for everything from making fire sticks to slicing my tomatoes.  I cant even imagine the abuse I have put this knife through including regularly being submersed in salt water.  I have surveyed literally hundreds of boats with this knife pushing it thought rotted bulkheads and scraping paint off hulls and fittings.  I’ve had it in my pocket so long the handle is fading from the sun.

spyderco h1

My Spyderco Salt 1 is pushing 6 years old now.  It has popped thousands of blisters but still holds a razor sharp edge and is completely impervious to the salty environment I live in.

I will never understand how people make it though life without a knife strapped to their side.  I use mine all day every day,  I don’t have many possessions but what I do have I expect to be a workhorse and last a lifetime.  I have been wearing the belt I have it clipped to since 1987.  I practice  sustainability through quality.  Buying poor quality anything is just being penny-wise pound foolish.  I have always stuck to the principal that if I cant have the best Id simply rather not have it.

The Re-fit on Sookie slowly continues and while it might take me a lifetime to actually finish her.  She is outfitted with the safest, highest quality materials available on the planet earth.  Whats your family’s life worth?

The good writers touch life often.  The mediocre ones run a quick hand over her.  The bad ones rape her and leave her for the flies.  ~Ray Bradbury

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