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I was sitting on the guest dock dwarfed by mega yachts cleaning my nasty anchor line, some guy walked over and welcomed me to millionaire row.  At first look, we must have appeared to be a poor motley crew, the truth is we were more than likely the only people at the dock who could actually afford to be there.

falmouth cutter 22

Very few people are willing to openly discuss income, I’m not one of those people.  In the last year I have worked doing everything from farm work for less that $10.00 a day to construction work at $25.00 per hour.  I make an average of $300.00 for a feature article and while some may pay me quite a bit more often others pay even less.  I work where I can when I can always keeping my focus on sailing not working.

I stock the boat when I can but I always feel that little pang of oh shit when the coffers start to run dry and they always do.  I make it through because I have zero debt and yes I often go without.  I could drop 50K on the boat today and doubt I would have her completed.  Rather than worry about what I don’t have I live in complete happiness with what I do have.

The economy might be in absolute disaster but I get job offers all the time.  I have a standing job offer right now but lets take a look at the numbers. 200k doesn’t go far.  take away 90k in taxes and I’m down to 110K subtract housing in DC where the job is and a live in nanny for the dog and now I have 73K.  I’m going to need a fancy car and wardrobe for all the fancy people I have to entertain and my 200k is now down to 60k.  Running a business is expensive and those expenses for me run around 30-40K per year.  12 hours a day divided by 20K at the end of the year puts me at an hourly rate of less that $6.00 per hour.  If this sounds ludicrous its not, my $6.00 per hour is substantially more that most Americans actually clear at the end of the year, most spend more per year than they make.

What makes my life not only work but work in absolute abundance is that I understand basic math.  If I want to purchase something I first have to ask my self if the price is worth the many hours I toiled earning the money it will cost to add to my life.  The next step is to decide if it will add to my actual quality of life and the third and most important step is to look into my wallet and see If I have enough cash to pay for it.  A simple motto that gets me through tough times is that” If I want something and I don’t have it I don’t need it.”

I just took the entire sum of my life’s savings and gave to to a friend who needed it more than I did.  It wasn’t much but that’s the thing about life, its the little things that matter most.

“It’s clearly a budget. It’s got lots of numbers in it.” 
~George W. Bush