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“At my age” Lin had said.  “I have nothing left to prove.”  “At your age”  Larry had replied.  “you have nothing left to lose”.   ~Herb McCormick

as long as its fun

For the first time in my life I have writers block.  How do you write something that hasn’t already been written by the most famous sailing couple in the world?

How do you say something about Lin and Larry Pardey that hasn’t already been said?

Today it happened with the suddenness of a broken shoe lace.  Sitting in my hands is the book As Long As its Fun.  Three pages into this book and I was hooked.  After thirty years of reading books by my sailing hero’s, Herb McCormick has filled in all the blanks.  This just may turn out to be the greatest story ever told.

Go small, go simple, go now ~Lin and Larry Pardey

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