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The sailing community is a wonderful thing, when I reached out to Sean after over two years of having no contact I knew I was giving him an extra job.  Sean has a full time job on top of running Sail Havasu which is a second full time job on its own.  Without missing a single beat he immediately jumped on board to help me pass the potato so to peak.  He put out the call Full N By and within days the potato was on its way to Washington.  That’s the type of guy Sean is.  His contribution to the sailing community has been no small one, he has impacted thousands of sailors lives and continues to do so asking for nothing in return.  Below is a post taken from his blog.  If anyone deserves support in our little sailing community Sean’s cause is at the top.

Full N By

Let me make this as easy as possible, click here, scroll down to find Sean Mulligan and please donate, every buck will make a difference 🙂

The next adventure is set…Asking for your help

I really like to have an adventure, a challenge,  on the horizon. Something to plan and prepare for.  Last summer ‘Jo and I once again joined our buddy Larry Yake and his band of Montgomery Pirates for another incredible tour through the San Juan Islands of Washington and the Gulf Islands in British Columbia. We have taken “Dauntless” on this trip 3 times now. It’s 1503 miles from our driveway to the slings at Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes, Wa (the rendezvous, and “put in” point).  We  enjoyed every mile knowing the eventual excitement that the three 500 mile days of laborious towing were going to provide us with. Journey’s like this make memories of a lifetime and develop incredible friendships. Most of the folks on the trip were multi-year participants, making the two solid weeks on the water and nearly 200 miles of cruising as much of a reunion as a sailing trip.  Days are spent sailing and exploring new locations and evenings dockside with folks that all share in the special feeling a trip like this produces. As you all know, it’s very difficult to share with friends and family that don’t sail, how special it is, what it’s like, or how it really makes you feel. If you “don’t do it” you “don’t get it”.  Having a group of friends along who share the same experiences of weather, wind, water,  and simply the complete escape and joy that comes with Pocket Cruising , for me , makes the experience infinitely better.

IMG_3076This has been the year of something new for me. As anyone that reads this blog knows, I have been concentrating as of late on sailing a Micro Cruiser. “Scout” came into my life last Feb as a my curiosity about this “micro-thing” peaked. Small Craft Advisor Magazine,Watertribe – The Everglades ChallengeThe Texas 200Florida 120, and numerous other publicized micro-cruiser articles got me thinking that possibly these guys were onto something. Watching every video online that I could find about micros further spiked my desire to check them out. One designer that really got my attention was Matt Layden, and another couple that sails his boats,Dave and Mindy Bolduc who sail many of his designs, also had me dreaming of a micro of my own.  Through a chance set of circumstances I had the opportunity to purchase a Layden designed Paradox from Lezlie Henson who had done a great job at building one. I jumped on it, and now “Scout” sits 20 feet from where I am typing , snug and protected in my garage.

The last 4 or 5 months has been full of sailing Scout in varying conditions getting to know her and allowing us to build out trust in one another. It has been an extremely positive experience for me. And so….it is time…..another adventure is on the horizon.


Kim Apel , a past participant in the Texas 200 wrote an article called  A Californian Does the Texas 200 after participating in 2009. This is his description of the event…

….the Texas 200 projects a uniquely Texas character.  It’s come-as-you-are, no fees, no rules, no prestige, rough-and-tumble, barren, primitive, muddy, salt-caked, hot-and-sweaty, anything-goes, you’re-on-your-own, survival-of-the-fittest, no-time-to-eat, falling-down-tired, cowboy-sailing. It’s rodeo on the water, minus the spectators. “Toto, I think we’re not in Kansas California anymore.”….

For whatever reason I was really attracted to testing myself and trying this event out. I was thinking “one of these days….I’m doing this”  and then….something happened that made me know this upcoming T-200 would be the year.

IMG_1447PuddleDuckADEme144A number of guys have done this incredible trip in the most diminutive and basic sailing vessels you could ever imagine. The original design was called a Puddle Duck Race (PDR). If you are not into micro’s and know nothing about PDR’s , don’t be fooled by the name.There is not much “racey” about a PDR. The design came about as a way to be able to build a small micro, simply, easily and cheaply. There is somewhat “cultish” following of these little boats and varying modifications and design changes have led to a multitude of models out there.  They are basically  a box shaped plywood hull with some sort of sail. High performance they are not, but they have proven themselves on adventures such as past T-200′s. Make no mistake….anyone sailing such a basic boat on such an adventure is going to have his/her hands full.  Low hull speeds make for LONG days on the water to cover the necessary miles. Sailing a PDR in a 200 mile race is not for the faint of heart.  Nevertheless, a hearty group of sailors have and continue to do it. The PDR and its offshoots have endeared themselves into the hearts of many of these adventurous souls.


1023_livetrong_630x420This year’s running of the T-200 has an extra twist…. a cause. Having had their lives touched by loved ones and friends battling cancer, the “Duck Gang” (led by a fellow named Chuck Pierce) decided to honor them in this year’s event. Chuck has a duck and decided that he would carry the names of those that are battling or are cancer survivors on one side of his duck in honor of them, and on the other side he would carry the names of those that we have lost to the disease in memory of them.  Along with this he has setup a “Livestrong Foundation” donation page,  to help raise funds to support all those affected by cancer.

1760.98008615.customHe has posted some pictures of his boat which he has taken around to different events and allowed people to add the name of their loved ones onto it. All these folks will join Chuck and the the “duck gang” in spirit along the rough an tumble 200 mile trek of the T-200. Once Chuck showed what he was doing to his boat, others joined. I read about this…and it touched me dearly.  What an incredible gesture. Here this guy spent all this time building his boat, and painting it up to look nice…and then….he hands a Sharpie marker to anyone that wants to add the name of their loved one so that they can become part of the journey.


My own life has been touched in the recent year by numerous close sailing friends that have been stricken with cancer and who have had to do battle with it. I am fortunate that both of them are fighters , one in the fight, and the other just finished with Chemo and Radiation.  When I heard of Chuck’s idea I wrote him and asked if there was any way I could bring some West Coast names and funding into the mix. I don’t sail a duck, but I do have the Paradox.  The response was awesome.  As Scout is under 14′ in length,  Chuck and the gang have bestowed on “Scout” Honorary DUCK Status.  And so this journey takes on a new meaning for me.

Scout trainingI plan to follow the lead duck and get in line. I setup my “Texas 200 Livestrong Foundation Page” this week and yes, it’s time to get out the Sharpies.  Is it defacing the boat? No way. It will be my honor to do this trip, taking all those that wish to ride along with me.  Like Chuck, one side of Scout will be the “In Memory of” side of the boat to remember those that we have lost, and the other side “In Honor of”  to honor those fighting the fight and those that have survived it.  I am hoping that anyone that appreciates the idea will contribute directly to the funding page .  The Foundation serves people affected by cancer and empowers them to take action against this disease that is now the world’s leading cause of death. The money I raise will go to support programs and services for cancer survivors.  Between now and June (when the event happens) I plan to travel with Scout in tow to some different locations in Ca/AZ/NV to make her available for names to be added. If you have a loved one’s name you would like added but the distance is too far for us to meet up..no worries, let me know and we will add it for you.

In June we will all meet in  Port Mansfield Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico,and then head  north for five days and about 200 miles along the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) to Magnolia Beach Texas. I will carry a SPOT tracker so you can follow along on the trip as it happens.

I expect this to be tough trip, a rough trip, a hot trip, and ….one of the coolest things I have ever done. Thanks to Chuck and the gang for allowing me to be a part of it.


If you or someone you know is diagnosed, these resources will help face the challenges of cancer, head on, and live life on your own terms.  LIVESTRONG.org/GetHelp


I am asking you to help me make a meaningful contribution to this worthy cause.  Thank you.


“Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water -it will make ripples throughout the entire pond…” 
― Jessy and Bryan Matteo

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