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My friends thought I was nuts when I mailed a $600.00 check, my life’s savings to a complete stranger to purchase a dingy I had never even seen a picture of that was 1500 miles away from me.  Didn’t seem strange to me at all but that’s the beauty of the world I live in…my glass is half full.

montgomery 6'8"

Several days after the check arrived Tom sent me these pictures and very graciously offered to drive her 150 miles north to Sean from http://fullnby.blogspot.com/ who I also have never met in person but have been friends with for many years. I hoped he could help find her a ride close to WA, Sean knows everybody.

lyle hess 6'8"

Through the kindness of strangers I hoped to get my little dingy home in time for my cruise.  Sailors are an odd bunch for sure but the thing you cant deny is that they always pull together .  The only thing you have to do to join this tight nit community is say the word sailing and your in for life.

lyle hess dingy

The next email I received was from Sean saying the potato has landed. Apparently there is a sailing forum who Sean has pulled together to find more rides for the yet to be named dingy although potato has been mentioned more than once.  The second email from Sean was more pictures, this dingy looks brand new Alan like its brand new.

To purchase a new Lyle Hess 6’8″ dingy costs $2000.00 a crate for shipping is $500.00 and shipping is $750.00 There is no way I could ever afford to purchase a dingy like this and it was at the top of my list because it was designed to ride turtle on my cabin top.  I have searched almost every day for two and a half years for a good rowing dingy.

I might be the slowest person in the world when it comes to rebuilding and outfitting little Sookie but every job is done right and it shows.  This dingy is icing on the cake and never would have happened it it wasn’t for the kindness of strangers.  Thank you to everyone who has and is helping and rooting to pass the potato. 🙂

Next project? an oven so I can make cookies and bread.

The leaves are turning and the mornings are cold, I watched Serena row away from the boat fighting the chop and pouring rain, someday I will get her a real rowing dingy.  Change is coming… From the log of Sookie Salish Sea 2013

“He that can have patience can have what he will.” 
~Benjamin Franklin

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