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There is nothing more unnatural in this world than being in a boat on jack stands.  It can get depressing going down and seeing little Sookie frozen in the boatyard but its all part of the game.  When I get frustrated with things like lack of funds, lack of crew or lack of progress I simply pour a glass of scotch pull out my tattered copy of Serrafyn and take a mental break.


I don’t so much mind the cold toes or long hours of sanding varnishing and painting.  Its doing it alone that can and often does get lonely.  With each piece of gear that gets stored aboard I am one step close to being home, one step closer to the next chapter.  I had considered putting out an ad on a crew finder.   I sat in my thinking chair and carefully penciled out the ad but after reading it I decided Id be better off alone.

Seeking crew, no experience necessary

Seeking one  total loser, must be single have no job or house, car or pets and very little ambition in life other than to explore and play pirates.  Must be willing to potty in a bucket and live in the space of a refrigerator box with a crazy overly excitable man and neurotic and often soaking wet dogie.  My cooking is atrocious so if you cant cook its rice and beans with the occasional treat of man tacos.  I’m an average sailor at best but I will keep you alive and reasonably well fed…

I read the ad aloud and started laughing so hard my stomach hurt.  I tore the paper from my journal waded it up and used it to start a fire to warm my frozen bones.  Nothing wrong with going solo I told myself as I poured a second glass of scotch.

Torn from the log of Sookie winter blahs in paradise 2014

“I wanted a woman who could get me out of a Third World prison. Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful.” 
~Jeff Bezos

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