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This is straight up stolen from the net.  Proof that reasonable life is attainable to anyone and everyone regardless of age, income, or ability.

falmouth cutter

Now, I ran across a guy in Marathon Key, Florida who I’ll remember the rest of my life. His name was Captain Jack – kinda like a Captain Ron sort of person. Jack had a wife, good job and lived in Miami for most of his life. He and his wife owned a 26-foot sailboat that they spent weekends sailing Biscayne Bay. They also spent their vacations aboard the boat, often sailing south to the keys. One December weekend, Jack and his wife, and dog, sailed south to Marathon for the Christmas Holidays. He docked at the City Marina, and after a few days, called his place of employment and said “Put in my retirement papers – I just retired.” Jack never returned to Miami other than to put his house and car up for sale. That was 32 years ago. Last December, I helped Jack celebrate his 91st birthday, played music for the party and tilted a couple Margarettas with him.

One day, someone at the marina said “Jack, you should buy a bigger boat. That 26 has to really be cramped for you and the dog. (Jack’s wife passed away a few years earlier.) Jack agreed, the following day, the boat was sold and a new boat was sitting at the dock with jack sitting in the cockpit with a cup of coffee in his hand. The same fella came to Jack, looked at the boat and said “Jack, I thought you were gonna get a bigger boat” Jack replied “I did – this one’s a 27 footer.”

Hopefully, Jack is still there, hitting on the young ladies by giving them flowers every morning, which he has done for many years.

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.