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My very beautiful and frustrated ex girlfriend cried out from under a pile of stores, why do you have five liters of Tapatio stuffed in here?  It was on sale, I called down, perched in the companion way with an ice cold beer and a smile rivaling that of the latest super lotto winner.  My freedom is actually measured in freedom!

Falmouth Cutter 22

People that think I’m cheap are simply just bad at math.  I’m not rich and I don’t want to be, but I do have tastes straight out of lifestyles of the rich and famous.  I’m a hoarder, I don’t hoard things, I hoard food and experiences and life.  Last year I found a box by the dumpster filled with canned tuna and all sorts of other meats, slightly rusted but all within their sell by dates.  I couldn’t understand why anyone would throw away perfectly good food.


To live the lifestyle I’m accustomed to I have to be thrifty.  When I see something on sale that I love I buy at least half a dozen cans.  My diet is primarily vegetarian and I love it. I do eat meat but its more of a treat than a staple.  Things like olive or grape seed oil cost a fortune but as part of my daily diet they are a necessity, I can always find my favorites 40% off.

boat provisions

I love scrounging through various food stores looking for gold mine deals and I stock up every time I can “no pun intended“.  Cabbage tacos are delicious, make me smile and cost less than the fuel it takes to warm them up.  Top Ramen, the most dreaded of all food sources is an absolute favorite of mine, sure its poison but oh so delicious and on a cold nights watch it warms the mind body and soul.  Like all things that are tasty but not so good for you I eat it in moderation, its always a treat and served with fresh cabbage, pepper and Tapatio is still less than .25 cents a serving.

falmouth cutter galley

Living on a  very small budget in a very small boat is a challenge for sure but a challenge I love.  My budget is simple, I could work twice as many hours or spend half as much on the exact same foods I love. My hoarding mentality so to speak is one of my favorite games and every time I bring a case of this or that back to the boat its like money in the bank, the bank of Sookie that is.

Thanks Ken

Keeping the boat well stocked is an ongoing challenge, last year I purchased 12 cases of wine for $336.00  I might appear to be a lush but life without simple things like morning coffee or an evening glass of wine just isn’t what I’m after.  Could I live without these luxuries? Sure but why?  My little boat swallows it up, sails great with the extra weight and it means I can always entertain friends new or old.  Even when I don’t have a penny to my name I’m rich beyond compare.

I love you

Its always nice to have extra money but you cant eat it, wear it, or sleep with it.  My priority as always, first I make it a safe boat, then I make it a comfortable boat, then I make it a pretty boat.  Money is a priority to me buts its the very last Item on my list.  Security comes in many forms, for me it is represented by a well found, well stocked boat that I love to sail and live aboard.

falmouth cutter

“There is no dignity
quite so impressive,
and no independence
quite so important,
as living within your means.” 
~Calvin Coolidge

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