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42×16 isn’t exactly a hard core gearing but in my current physical state it had my quads at full attention.  The only sounds I was aware of were my wheezing lungs and the dry crackly mix of sand and earth beneath my 25mm  road slicks.  There are many bikes and tires suited for this type of riding, my Kona Paddy Wagon Fixed Gear is not one of them, nor is my current rubber set up.  Enter my Urban Assault Vehicle of choice.

Kona Paddy Wagon

The five things I absolutely could not live without in this life are, girls, bikes, coffee, sailing and my dog.

The dog is freebie, I feed her and she comes home every night.

Girls??? yeah! I’m not going there.

Sailing is my home and my core for existence but often nothing more than a vessel of intent.

My bike is my Psychologist, Zen Master, trainer, both physical and mental, even my good friend.  Her name is Miley and if you don’t let me bring her in the house when I come to visit, it just may be the last time I come calling.  Cycling is and has been an extension of my life since I first tasted her freedom at the age of 6.  She is also part of my personal fair trade agreement with the planet earth.   Anyone can jump in the car and drive out for a six pack of ice cold beer.  When I need or want something; anything, I have to layer up, saddle up and earn it.  There is no drug on earth that can match that feeling I have after a ride, any ride.

Kona Paddy Wagon

You wont find spandex wrapping up my 45 year old bootie.  My standard cycling attire for the Pacific Northwest is a pair of blown Carhartt’s, sneakers and a hoodie.  I was bundling up today for a coffee run when I noticed it was snowing, better add my 14 year old holy gloves to the mix.


And then there is coffee, back in the day when I was friends with the Countess Of Kona, she would send me one pound of freshly roasted Kona beans every week.  Those days may be over but even on my unemployed and desperate budget I can afford to buy fair trade coffee.  Each night as my tired head hits the pillow I get excited for a new day started with a fresh roasted brew.  I think to myself,  How wonderful will tomorrow be, anything could happen.

I may not be able to save the world, and certainly know how huge my impact on the earth is but like this run on sentence I will go on and on as far as I can to reduce my foot print.   there is nothing so sweet in this life as the taste of earning it.

“Bicycling is a big part of the future. It has to be. There’s something wrong with a society that drives a car to work out in a gym.” ~ Bill Nye