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Less than 60 days ago I sent my life’s saving to a complete stranger for a dingy I had never even seen a picture of.  The dingy was 1100 miles inland from me and my only form of transportation is by sailboat.  THE POTATO HAS LANDED!

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You know the old saying, if you don’t know what type of knot to tie, tie lots of them.    I don’t talk about it often here mostly because I couldn’t give a rats ass if I have an extra challenge to deal with in life.  I was having a conversation with a life-long friend back in 1991 it went something like this.

Let me get this straight Alan, you have terrible eyesight, full time double vision, are highly dyslexic with massive A.D.D. and you are going to pursue a carrier as a writer and photographer? That makes sense.

Given my situation finding gainful employment is difficult enough but finding it while living aboard with a dog is nearly impossible, she goes where I go, period.  The only way get by is to be creative hence sending every penny I have to a complete stranger in exchange for a dingy/lifeboat that I could never afford to purchase new.  Every-time I have a small windfall payday most of it goes to the boat, eating is completely over rated.

Its a constant circus around here but I’m not just making do I’m making progress at a rapid pace.  If your life isn’t the way you wish it was its not because you cant achieve it, its simply that you don’t want it badly enough.  Sometimes I feel sorry for able bodied people, I wonder if they will ever be able to fully appreciate the magnitude of thier good fortune as much as I do.

Thank you all, participants and well wishers alike of the pass the potato saga.  Come fly row with me 🙂

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

~Henry Ford

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