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The curse of sailing a beautifully designed traditional boat is that you cant really add anything modern to it without completely ruining her beautiful lines.

copywrite Mike Anderson 2014

The first thing I did when I purchased Sookie was to remove the chart plotter and VHF and all antennas.

falmouth Cutter 22

Eventually I will remove the damn motor and again Sookie we sail sans engine.  I do have a hand held VHF and a tiny GPS although I have never actually used it to navigate.  Sookie is a simple girl and that’s how I like her.  The most complex system on this boat is my galley sink.

Simple as she is she is missing one key component, she is missing is a proper steering vane.  Sheet to tiller works above the wind but off the wind is still something I haven’t figured out.  Vanes come in all shapes and sizes but the only one beautiful enough to grace the beautiful lines that Lyle Hess drew is about 9 grand.  Mike Anderson is nothing short of a craftsman, his work is as functional as art can be.

We all have different ideas of what the perfect boat is.  For me its a simple, reliable traditional sailing craft.  I love the process of navigating with paper charts, rowing to shore to collect water and hauling my anchor rode hand over hand.  There is something so magical about starting and ending a voyage in complete silence, tracing my finger over my well used charts to find the perfect cove and the sound of my oars kissing the water as I pull my way to shore.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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