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Living in an abandoned clam plant might not be everybody’s ideal homestead but for us it was absolute heaven.  We had past the 700 day mark in the boat yard, were 90% ready to launch and refused to take on even a single penny of debt.

the new homeless

In private letters I have been accused of everything from being a spoiled little rich kid whose Daddy pays their bills to a Trustafarian.  On the brighter side I also receive many wonderful letters from kindred spirits.  Below is a letter I recently received simply asking how.  With permission from the writer of the letter I am including a small snip-it.
The intent of this email is not to put you on the defensive, but more for my personal understanding.
 Anyway, I am curious to know if you use any government assistance to help subsidize your lifestyle.  I really don’t care if you do, but it will allow me to better gauge how your are surviving on the income you indicate. 
Too personal?  My intent is not to offend.  You seem so open about everything else, I think you will take this in the spirit it is intended.

I love when I get letters like this and I get many.  Its a new world out there and people and their relationships with money are changing fast.  The simple answer is no I don’t now nor have I ever received a single penny of assistance from anybody or any form of government assistance.

My formula is quite simple, I know what I want and work my ass off for it.  I carry zero debt, live well within my means and absolutely love the life I live.  If I didn’t love this life I couldn’t do it, there have been and there will be hardships, its called life.  I remember the first guest dock I sailed into this summer, we were tired and super happy to have a place to stop, plug in and top off our water tanks.  As we walked down the dock some lady on her mega yacht was screaming at the top of her lungs at her children. NO! money cant buy you happiness.

Fresh Dungeness  cool island water with a hint of lemon to wash it down and gobs of vine ripened berry’s all for free.  Some might just think I’m a millionaire .

When I was a child in school my teachers used to make me focus on my weaknesses.  My father would always scoff at that.  Focus on your strengths son, why would you want to toil away in life doing something you suck at!

“If you aren’t happy for what you already have then what makes you think you will be happy with more.” 
~Maddy Malhotra

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