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Sookie is slow, wet and tender and that’s how I like her.  My love  affair with small full keel pocket cruisers started when I purchased s/v Dangerous sight unseen on Ebay.


I had always owned sleek fast fin keel boats with high aspect keels and rigs.  It all happened with a sea trial on Mariko a Falmouth Cutter back in 2002.  I never could negotiate the deal I wanted on that boat but the long sea trail had me hooked on a completely different type of sailing.


There is something about the motion of a small full keel sailboat that can only be described as romantic.  These boats have all the basic comforts and necessities of life but nothing more.  They are safe comfortable and fun to sail.


I have sailed thousands of miles in these little boats and while there are times that I want to just say eff-it and buy a new Hallberg Rassey 36, I just cant bring myself to end my romance with sailing.

Allegra 24 sailboat

It was 2:00 AM and completely calm when we slowly motored into the Isthmus,  there were hundreds of boats in the jam packed anchorage but we found a snug little spot just off the beach.  A quick row to shore for the dog and a celebratory beer of putting another perfect passage behind us.  We would have to wait till dawn for the true reward of crystal clear water, palm tree’s swaying in the wind and the warm feel of golden sand squished between our toes.

Allegra 24 sailboat

Any day on the water is a good one and any day without the vibrating drone and stench of an engine is a perfect one.  Even though I have had an engine on all three of my little pocket cruisers, I have sailed them all long before adding one.

Allegra 24 sailboat

Expensive to build with a very small captive audience, these old girls are a dying breed.  I couldn’t afford a new one so I have always purchased tired old ones with good bones.  I completely rebuilt every inch of my Flicka, Allegra, and Falmouth Cutter so I know I have the tools on board to do all repairs.

Allegra 24

I don’t know how I have been so fortunate to have owned and sailed three of the most amazing boats ever designed, but I loved each and every one alike.  The debate goes on as to what is the perfect sailboat.  If you ask me I would say its the one you already own.

Falmouth cutter 22

If you have the means I highly suggest you acquire a pocket cruiser. There is nothing more romantic in all the world than ghosting into a quiet anchorage with your home under your feet.

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