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Rain, rain, rain and more rain, there is nothing quite so wonderful as being trapped in a boat for days on end with a wet stinky dog.  My back is torqued my knees are wrecked and the stench of wet dog hangs in the air like my dirty laundry…

baba 30

This week has absolutely been a dream come true, first my new used Nikon D7000, next the new used Macbook Pro that I’m typing on, IN THE DARK… my effing keys glow.  I like shiny shit as much as the next guy but this new computer is unbefreakingleavable.  There is a wonderful heart warming story here but I have to get permission to tell it.  Lets just say an incredibly generous person offered to give it to me.

baba 30 interior

Best of all Im vacationing in West Seattle on a beautiful Baba 30.  Its pouring rain and the wind is expected to top 50 knots but who cares when you are in the good hands of Bob Perry.  When my good friend Dartanyon invited me for a few weeks of yachting I jumped t the offer, there might have been some mention of wood work but I clearly don’t remember.  Lets just say that I’ve snorted enough sawdust to make Paul Bunyan envious.

baba 30

The days have been cold and wet filled with hard work but the nights have been curled up across from the propane stove, warm and dry with a glass of wine, world class snacks and a thousand board feet of old growth Beramase teak glowing by the light of the fire.  I’ve spent countless hours just staring at all the finely finished joinery and can’t get enough.  The Baba 30 is not  a sailboat, its a sailing yacht.

baba 30

Chloe doesn’t understand my infatuation with these old girls and is about to flip her wig.  She thinks life is a party, an endless romp in the woods. She thinks every day is made for endless walks with miles and miles of un-sniffed territory to discover.  Every night she comes home to good friends and many people who love her. She even has a magic bowl that always has a warm meal.  If I had her life they would name a small country after me.  Oh wait… I do!

I’m smiling so hard my face hurts. 

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