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My ride to the ferry was running late, when he arrived I jumped in the truck and my eyes locked on his empty fuel light.  30 seconds into the drive he noticed it.  “I’ve never seen it that low” were the last words I wanted to hear.  I was being picked up on the other side of the ferry and if I missed it there was no way to contact my ride.  We pulled into one of two gas stations on the island and the sign read out of fuel.

Baba 30 interior

Slightly out of the way the second and last chance for fuel had a line too long I would miss the ferry if we waited and miss it if we ran out of gas.  We took our chances and made the ferry with precious few minutes to spare.  I had my back pack and three front packs to manage while juggling my dog who hates all boats alike.  I snuck into a small corner, hid the dog and bought a vending machine latte.  Less than 30 seconds later I was wearing it, soaking wet with coffee and surrounded by the biggest mess 16 ounces of wasted goodness can possibly make.  My cover hiding the dog was blown.  I showed up on time looking like a homeless person, not a great first impression.

When I arrived at the boat for a bit of work it was stocked with everything from fresh cookies to a flask with an impossibly perfect scotch, more goodies arrive almost daily.  I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love freshly ground coffee beans for their morning brew and I even had just that.  Today I ran out of the coffee I brought and in a cruel twist of fate after 8 days straight of sanding scrubbing sanding and scrubbing I was almost too weak to grind my morning fix.  It was a long drawn out struggle but I got my fix.  I’m absolutely exhausted and this fine vessel is beginning to show the fruits of my labor.  If only there was somebody to open a beer for me because I’m too tired to pop the top.

The heater is cranked, my faithful stinky dog is fed and snuggled up with her butt in my face and I have nothing left too do till the sun wakes me in the mooring.  Life is good.

My success has been in knowing the difference between woking hard and working smart.  Working smart will only get you half way.

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