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I like it I… just wish it was different.  That was all she said and they turned around for the thousand mile drive home.  Later that day I received an email calling me a liar, a cheat and a fraud.  The berating went on…I deleted the message and went about my business.  You can lead a horse to water…

Baba 30

I had listed over 50 pictures taken on point and shoot mode with a high end digital DSLR and written quite possibly the most descriptive listing ever made.  This boat was in impeccable condition for a 25 year old boat and quite frankly if it wasn’t too big for my needs I would have bought it in an instant.  I was selling a late model Islander Freeport 36 for the second owner.  It had been meticulously maintained and to be honest I couldn’t find any fault in the boat.

baba 30

As a broker I would see it all the time, buyers who want a brand new 40′ boat for 30K. When it comes to boats you get what you pay for and while there are no great deals there certainly are good ones if you can turn a wrench and do a little spit shine.  One sound piece of advice, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.  Boats are very simple creatures, if they have good bones anything can be accomplished if you are willing to throw enough elbow grease and a little money at them.  When Dartanyon took possession of this beautiful Baba 30 she was a bit on the shaggy side.  Together we decided to make her shine but to do it within budget and and keeping in mind her age make her easy to keep shining for another 30 years.

baba 30

The Baba 30 is a workhorse  but it doesn’t mean she can’t be pretty at the same time.  The key for us is choosing our battles, we only have a few weeks to bring her back before I sail off to the islands to float Sookie.  For a boat with this much wood, varnish is out, we decided on a combo of Cetol, bare teak and Semco clear.  The more work I get done the less I feel like I’m doing and I have to continually remind myself one foot at a time.  You could build a brand new Baba 30 for half a million dollars, or you could find a good old one for 20K and spread your restoration over a few years and sail the hell out of her in the meantime.   We all have money or time, lucky is the man who has both.

baba 30

 First I make her a safe boat, then I make her a comfortable boat, then I make her a pretty boat.

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