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I’ll never forget my first pair of Xtratufs, my Alaska slippers.  When I heard they were being shipped over seas I did a nationwide search to find as many pairs as I could, it turned up nothing.  Bitching to my local chandlery seemed pointless but the very next day I got a call at the office.  Three years of flirting with the little girl at the counter had finally paid off, it didn’t hurt that her family owned the local fishery supply.  I got the last pair of size nine Xrtatufs made in America.

bringing xtratuf back to america

It was a frustrating time, I was knee deep in shooting my Girls Of Xtratufs Calendar.  The only criteria for my models was that they showed up ready for work in their well worn boots.  It was a disappointing day when I cancelled the calendar but the whole point was Made In America.

bring xtratufs back to america

I would love to bring Xtratufs back to America our beloved Sitka Sneakers and resume production in Alaska.

bring xtratufs back to america

Keeping it local one day at a time.  If you want to be an American, you have to buy American.

Many a man thinks he is buying pleasure, when he is really selling himself to it.  ~Benjamin Franklin