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“Hair of the Dog” is a colloquial expression in the English Language predominately used to refer to alcohol that is consumed with the aim of lessening the effects of a hangover.

Salty Dog

When it comes to boat maintenance that same Hair of the dog mantra reins true.  I’m not a big fan of actually doing the routine maintenance that it takes to keep sookie at her finest but I do it religiously regardless of how I feel about it.  The end result brings me much satisfaction not only after completing each job but also throughout the year.  In 25 years I have rarely had a failure of any mechanical system on my boat.

Knowing that the boat is not only safe but incredibly reliable makes the tedium of each springs outfit tolerable.  Each morning I set out to hitchhike to the boat shed to work on other peoples projects and each afternoon I take a bit of the hair of the dog and find my way to Sookie to make her right.  I’m exhausted to no end but this remedy will render yet another worry free cruising season.  On every trip I set out on I do it knowing that I am the weakest link.  When the weather turns foul it isn’t my ground tackle I worry about, or my rigging, or my sails.  The only thing that can go wrong is user error.  The beauty of this system is that ever year I become a better, more confident and safer sailor.  In over twenty-five years on the water I have yet to take a single trip without learning a better way to do something.  Thats one of the things I love most about sailing, you never stop learning.

When people ask me where I find the motivation to keep Sookie is such pristine contrition I answer their question with a question.  Whats your families life worth?

Procrastination is like masterbation.  Its fun while your doing it but in the end your only fucking yourself.

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