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My faithful companion is curled up next to me, she smells like a dead salmon.  The smell of a freshly lit fire wafts through the air, its cold as hell out today but not where i’m sitting.  There are many things I should do today but doubt I will get half of them done.  Its quite possible that I am one of the laziest human beings on the planet.

The minimalist

Of all the traits in my genetic code laziness is by far the most responsible for my success in this world.  It doesn’t mean I don’t get things done, it just means I don’t engage in useless shit like making lists and constant wheel spinning.  My brain functions as seamlessly as a solid state computer drive, so much in fact that I have great difficulty in dealing with people who have to think and process things before they can make a decision.  A while back I was caring for my 6 year old room mate and needed to pick him up from the library, It was cold and raining and happened to be an hour and a half round trip walk.  I asked my other room mate who has a car if she wouldn’t mind picking him up as its about a 4 minute drive each way.  What ensued was a 30 minute conversation turning the whole debacle into a midlife crisis.  All I wanted was a fucking yes or no answer but it was never going to come.  Rather than waste any more precious thought I walked out the door and picked him up.  Would you want this person running your company or your life?  In literally a third of the time the conversation took she could have driven down picked him up and we all could have gone about our buisiness.

I will never understand why life is so difficult for some people.  If you want something take it or make it.  It is said that Albert Einstein never memorized anything that he could easily access in a book preferring to save his brainpower for processing information.  In todays society we have the highest level of education since the beginning of time yet people become more and more incapable of actually getting anything done because there is too much information that needs to be processed before simple decisions can be made.  As a pilot, a sailor and a leader my job isn’t to think its to know.

Knowlgede is the power that rules our lives, not worldy knowledge but the simple power of knowing ourselves, our needs and our wants and being able to distinguish between these very simple things.  I think the problem is so many people are bombarded with external devices and vices that they have completely lost sight of who they are and what they need.  We create obstacles to hold us back because subconsciously we doubt that what we are actually doing with our lives is what we want.  We do it  based of off the most insane things like deciding at the age of 18 what we want to do with the rest of our lives.

The question is how do we know ourselves?  From birth we are conditioned to fail, like drones our children react to bells, go here when this bell rings, go there when that bell rings.  Soon our bells become silent but they are still there, college, punch clocks, commutes, debt, they all happen at the exact same moment in every day for every person.  Rather that follow our own lives choices we let society breed us into fowling the norm.  I was on a farm the other day and everywhere I walked the entire flock of sheep followed my every step, they were following me because they are sheep, they can’t think as an individuals but rather just act in the group mentality.  All but one that is, there was one black sheep that had jumped the fence and was dining in the garden.  Today is Good Friday and I’m guessing that a very large part of the world is out there doing what Hallmark has told them to do.  Today is Good Friday for me too but not because my TV told me what to do.

So to answer the question of how to get everything you want in this world.  If you have to ask you will never have it.

“~Either you get eaten by a wolf today or else the shepherd saves you from the wolf so he can sell you to the butcher tomorrow”
 Ogden Nash

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