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At 7:00 Am sharp I had a prowling kitty and a bouncing dog playing a rousing game of steam roller with me.  This is my daily alarm clock.  Like the Pied Piper, these two little fluff balls follow me wherever I go tripping me at my heels always excited and ready to start a new day.  Its easy to trick humans into believing you are something that you are not but animals are different, they don’t judge you they just want to be loved, they choose you.

the good life

Love is an interesting thing, its the shortest commodity out there and unlike any other desire in the world love can’t be earned until after it is given to you.  I was that guy the classic dog hater, they drool, bark, snot, eat my stuff, shit everywhere barf in my new sleeping bag… They are filthy creatures always demanding love and attention and touch, they shed their fur on everything and drag the whole forrest into your house every time they come home.  When I adopted Chloe from rescue in Nevada almost 13 years ago I didn’t want a dog, I wanted children and figured if I couldn’t care for a dog I was completely unfit to care for a child.  I’ll never forget that first day I took her home, I was with my sister and we stopped for lunch, Chloe took a crap in the plants and…

Deb, Pick up her shit.

Me, I’m not touching that nasty shit.


Me, No effing way.

Deb, Look dude you are going to be picking up her crap and cleaning her messes for the next 20 years, GET USED TO IT!

That little puppy has been there through thick and thin with me.  She never complains about my cooking.  Is always up for a few more miles on the trail, and is good for treeing a bear in my campsite.  If a treed bear is what you want in your campsite.

For 13 years I have never left this dog alone, she goes with me or has a sitter to keep her company.  By the age of 12 weeks I was the third person to take her from the rescue and while it has been a challange she has taught me more about the ways of the world, patience and comiitment than any other life experience.  She has given me the one thing I have never experienced in life, unconditional love.

A friend shared this video link with me today and it really touched a nreve.  There are only two options in life.  We can go through it being selfish assholes or we can live the good life.  The best of all is that its never too late and the good life is by far the easier route.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
― John Bunyan

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