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I think Larry Pardey said it best, “Comfort and safety do not equal freedom and adventure.”  I don’t require much in this world to be happy.  A warm dry bunk, a can of beans and some form of light sounds pretty romantic to me.  When my battery banks packed up and shipped out I did a quick inventory, 150, 15 hour candles and a gallon of paraffin saved the day.  My evenings are now spent in quiet solitude with a good book by the light of my lantern with just enough warmth from two candles to make life perfect.  My days are spent living my simple dreams to their fullest.

Lyle Hess 32

This simple life suits me quite well as I continue to make the most of my tiny home, always looking for better ways to make her more comfortable and efficient.  I have toyed with canning the whole electrical system but the truth is I love my simple electric grid when it works, when it doesn’t I have a fail-proof backup system.  Living by candle light is so enjoyable that I’m looking into mounting fixed candle holders and using the electric grid as back up, if I ever get it back up.

Falmouth cutter 22


I expend a huge amount of my time searching for small solutions that add to the joy of living on such a simple boat.  Many people will start off with a small simple boats but very few can actually happily live this way for long.  I did the opposite, I started large and have continually downsized in search of a the smallest sustainable home I can create.  If I ever do move up in size I highly doubt I will ever go above 27′ but that just may be a pipe dream as is building my perfect boat.

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I’m continually asked how I do it, living year in and year out on a budget smaller than most peoples boat payment.  I find it quite easy most of the time living on a micro budget and the challenge of getting by on less keeps my mind in constant motion while the complexity of simplicity challenges me to my max.  This tiny boat is the perfect size for two adventuras souls, what more could I ask for.

A small boat and a suitcase full of money beats a 40-footer tied to the Bank every time.  ~ Unknown

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