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I’ve wanted a Montgomery dingy for as long as I can remember, certainly as long if not longer than my dreams to own a Falmouth Cutter.  I had always been told that they would fit turtle on the cabin top, the perfect complement to this sturdy little pocket cruiser.  Fortunately for me perfection is something that doesn’t fit into my tiny little world.

Montgomery 6'8" dingy

Unfortunately not only does it not fit on the cabin top and I have tried every concievable way, but it also is impossible for Chloe to get in and out of.  Our old half sunk rubber ducky was like a big pillow that she could flop into but the Rinky is a near death trap for her.  On the bright side this dingy is 55 lbs rows like a champ and tows with almost no drag.  My rubber ducky is like towing a suction cup so we don’t tow it, we inflate and deflate it on deck which is always a circus.

We have been having fun rowing the harbor every day and get tons of complements on this little work of art.  I purchased her as an offshore life raft to be carried on deck which is a total fail so now the question remains as to what to use.  I guess I could buy a bigger boat to fit the dingy but thats not going to happen.  I refuse to carry and outboard for a dink so I need something that will row to weather.  Seeing as how we are now nothing more than live-aboard dock dwellers it doesn’t really matter but I’m always looking for solutions to making my tiny home as large  as she can be.  I have to say while she might not fit and function in a storage capacity as true to form as I had hoped, she wins every category of cute, functional and most importantly fun.  Some people strive for excellence, others perfection or wealth.  Having fun is the only thing in this world I’m willing to exert even the slightest effort for other that mating, but thats fun too, or so I’ve been told.

“A real girl isn’t perfect and a perfect girl isn’t real.”
― Harry Styles