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Everywhere else I’ll go by boat but maybe not as soon as I hoped.  Each day it is becoming more and more apparent that summer on the hook isn’t going to happen.  Chloe is getting old and its becoming a real struggle, both physically and mentally for both of us.

Boat dogs

I knew this day would come but hoped not for a very long time.  When I adopted Chloe nearly 13 years ago we both made a pact to live forever, it was easy way back then to imagine the possibilitys.  These days the reality that we are both getting older is very apparent.  I haven’t fully recovered from taco-ing my back last fall and this whole carrying her up the ladder business is getting old.  It won’t be much different trying to get her from dingy to boat.  As usual I haven’t made any decisions but if it gets any worse I’m prepared to hang it all up  for the time being.

I’ve finally reached the age where I’m closer to the end than the beginning and wondering how many years I really have left on this battered and beaten body.  It doesn’t really matter as long as I use what I have wisely but sitting around a marina isn’t a wise use in my book.  I’ve got a blind eye on Alaska as a plan B road trip, have put the boat for sale just in case all else fails and as usual taking life 5 minutes at a time.  If this all does go for the winter their will be another more suitable time to pick up the pieces.  As for now we will continue what we have started but the word Van-dweller just may be my new call sign for a bit.

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.”
― Robert Frost

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