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The damp air had a an almost tropical feel as I walked the dark dock headed to the boatyard with Chloe.  The rain came early and hard and continued through the night.  I could hear the base thumping from many different boats celebrating opening day.  I made my way up to the road that leads to my tiny home on stilts somewhere out there in the dark wet woods.  I was tipsy and happy despite knowing my soaking wet dog would soon render my cozy little cocoon into a dog scented humidor; yet another reason that I am single. sailing dog   The road soon turned to dirt evidenced by the dry crackling sound coming from my Chacos.  Four little paws crunched beside me but were soon downed out by the sound of the pouring rain.  In the pitch darkness I made my way to the boat and carried my soaking wet dog up the 8 foot ladder to the deck.  Trying to dry a dog in the pouring rain is pointless.  I wiped her paws the best I could and plopped her on the quarter berth.  She jumped down on the cabin sole took a few drinks of water and before I could catch her dove muddy paws and all into my clean dry warm bunk.  People that don’t have dogs can’t understand the bond between man and dog or why they put up with us humans. sailing dog Its just the two of us on this little boat and cleaning up after muddy paws is a constant affair but always preferential to being woken up on a dark stormy night for an emergency row to shore in the bucking sea and driving rain.  When these emergencies do occur Chloe seems to think that a good romp on the sandy shore is in order after doing her duty.  Sailing solo with a dog is always an adventure and can be overwhelming at times but this is the life we both have chosen.  It wasn’t that long ago that I was so desperate to find a sailing partner that anyone with a heartbeat and a pair of Xtratufs would have been acceptable. sailing Dog   My desperation was taking over my life and holding me hostage. Then the universe started sending me messages like lighting bolts to my baby makers!  My desperation turned to fear, I’m not talking about being afraid of the dark fear or scary storm fear.  I’m talking about every time a girl so much as smiles at me I turn and run as fast and as far as I can fear.  Being single on a boat makes everything twice as hard and twice as expensive and half as fun but its better than the alternative.  It took 32 years for the perfect doggie to find me.  I’m completly content on this solo adventure I call my life until my bilge babe shows up.  I’ll know who she is because she will never let me go.  When I think about my present and future the only word that comes to mind is sublime.  The alternative is being doomed to a life of mediocrity. “Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you CHOSE your life, you didn’t SETTLE for it.” ~ Mandy Hale

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