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Theres a new girl in town.  Sookie is getting quite a bit of attention in her new home as is Chloe.  It doesn’t matter where I go everybody seems to know Chloe by name.  She could teach us all a lot about how to win friends and influence people.  Chloe is so cute, she came over and greeted us this morning waging her tail like we were long lost friends.  I get this comment constantly which means I’m not very good at keeping her on a leash, marina rule #1.  I on the there hand am just another dock dweller.

Falmouth Cutter 22

Last summer I was walking down the dock eating my cold beans in a can looking for my naughty runaway dog.  I found her just as a boater was placing a plate with two small salmon chunks and a nice bit of steak, ribeye if I’m not mistaken.  She already gets the best food available while I dine on bilge fare.  Rummaging through the locker looking for something that isn’t beans or pasta I found a can of Pumpkin pie.  There it sits on my galley counter a most curious puzzle.  Can I just open it and eat it or do I have to ad something other than a spoon?  I guess some things never change.  Beans is the fruit of the frugal sailor.

The movable feast

A few things you will never find a shortage of on this boat other than booze are, cabbage, beans, onions and tortillas.  For the last 6 months I’ve been writing a cook book for bachelors called Man Taco’s.  The simple fact that someone as inept in the galley as me is writing a cookbook is more proof that anybody in this world can accomplish anything if they put their mind too it.

I can build you a shopping mall with a Swiss Army Knife, stitch your forehead up in a hurricane at sea and save you from  swashbuckling pirates but if you want a good meal I suugest you hang out with Chloe… As for me cold beans out of a can are a perfect complament to sundowners in paradise.

“Alaska decided to go help Dolores with dinner. She said that it was sexist to leave the cooking to the women, but better to have good sexist food than crappy boy-prepared food.”
~Jon Green, Looking for Alaska

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