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Im laying in my bunk in a nest of pillows listening to the wind howl through the rigging.  I had just plopped my tired butt down when a very special visitor arrived to top off our whirlwind island extravaganza.

Surly Karate Monkey

Traveling from island to island is like a time warp for Chloe.  She enters a huge metal rickety old box and emerges in a strange and wonderful new land with new sights, smells and miles of unexplored beaches to sniff.  I’ve never seen a Rabbit on San Juan, a fox on Lopez or a deer on Waldren.  Its funny how such tiny islands so close together can be so different.

We shared bacon and eggs on Orcas, a Latte on our very short trip to Lopez and a huge hamburger with well done fries and a beer on San Juan.  We also visited a secret Island, my first time there and I’m in love.  Our trip was capped off with a 20 minute trip to the mainland to pick up one of Chloe’s many birthday gifts.  I killed the Schwinn in a tragic accident, more tragic for he bike and carrier than for me but she is dead 🙁  Fortunately for us her replacement fell from the heavens and were back on track, note to self… Disc brakes are a very good thing when you are pulling 300lbs.

I was so happy to find my way back to the boat with a huge bag of salty chips to replenish a days worth of sweat loss when there was a rap on the hull.  An old friend of mine straight in from Port Townsend who happens to make the best moonshine on the planet.  True to form he had a fresh batch in hand .  Glasses tipped, and all sailors tipsy, my head is spinning my body tired and once again the sun is setting on yet another impossibly perfect day. I’m not sure what day tomorrow is but I’m already excited to see where it finds us.


I was reminded of days gone by, smuggling two gallons of moonshine, minus what we drank 😉

Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it.  ~Malcom Wallace

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