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Living with A.D.D. is like watching a slow motion train wreck.  Having A.D.D./ O.C.D. fuck… I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy if I had one but those are there cards I have been dealt.  Working with what you have in life is a challange I not only love but have come to rely on, enter the Surly Karate Monkey.  This one bike fits all is like having an A.D.D/O.C.D. bike on steroids.

bicycle touring surly karate monkey

My new and yet to be named steel steed was profesionaly built down to her one of a kind paint job, lovingly pieced together with a simple group of components she is a miss mash cluster resulting in a light, snappy ride perfectly suited for my complete lack of the ability to commit to anything other than ultimate freedom.

Surly karate Monkey bikepacking

She can be set up with 26 wheels if you choose or 700cc and even 650B  Slicks, fat tire, cyclocross or anything and anything in-between.

Surly build

You can run her singlespeed, fixie, geared or an internal hub if you have the cash to drop.

surly karate monkey cooler

You can tour, bikepack, commute, freeride, or just kick about town in the style you are accustomed to.

surly flip flop hubs

You can run flat bars, drop bars, monkey bars, or any other bars you can think of.

monkey bars

She is set up for disc brakes, Canti, v-brakes or as seen here Barney Rubble brakes.  The Surly Karate Monkey is the Swiss Army knife of bikes all built on a bruiser frame and fork.  This bike wasn’t made in America but the memories and experiences she creates will be.  She it set up with a huge 46 tooth ring up front and a 18 on the back to whip my crusty boater butt into shape.  What you see here isn’t her final build, its just the firm foundation that will set the wheels spinning into my next adventure, then again its not about the bike and it never will be.

The journey of life is like a man riding a bicycle. We know he got on the bicycle and started to move. We know that at some point he will stop and get off. We know that if he stops moving and does not get off he will fall off. ~ William G. Golding

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