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I haven’t rounded the Cape Horn or swashbuckled with pirates.  I’m not financially well off or even secure, I live penny to penny dollar to dollar.  Sookie is 90 percent finished which leaves at least 50 percent left to go.  My charts are gathering dust and my bottom is getting fuzzy.  On the outside looking in I may seem lost but my compass is true and guiding me, always guiding me.  I don’t know where it leads but that is the magic of this lifestyle.

Art of hookie

I was woken this morning by wet dog snot in my ear and Chloe rooting about my bed letting me know it breakfast time.  Morning news with my coffee fed my brain and proved that I’m still addicted to the world of finance 10 years after retiring.  A very slow walk down the docks chatting with yachters while Chloe checked her pee mail and I found myself back in the cockpit plopped in the sun.  Coffee and a cigarette are a morning ritual that make me excited to open my eyes every mooring.

I ran into an old friend on Island yesterday, he used to drive me nuts as I was working to put this little boat together making her sail ready.  Every day without fail he would sail away while i sat at the dock, drilling holes, filling holes, sewing this or that and aways trying to stay one step ahead of the piper financially.  That seems like a lifetime ago and while I still don’t have little things like heat, water tanks, a stove, cushions…my life is impossibly perfect.  Once again I have fallen ass backwards into employment where I can take my dog to work with me.  There are plenty of bananas  on the counter and my little kitty has a bunch of crisp one hundred dollar bills that will keep us warm and fed for the winter.

Its days like today that I need to pinch myself, all the cold lonely days in the boat yard are behind me and while I may not be planning any expedtions this week In my mind I know that the boat is ready and stocked with enough provisions to get me all the way to Australia should I choose to.

Today was the day I had chosen to start working on my varnish, winter finally killed my brightwork and it all needs to be stripped and redone.  The beauty of being completely free is that if I decide not to do it today there will always be time tomorrow, again paying extra for the finest materials has paid off, the wood will survive my day if not week of playing hookie so I can call a snow day, kidnap Chloe and set off in search of a new beach to comb.  I have this song stuck in my head,  You can’t always get what you want  But if you try sometimes well you might find you get what you need.

“He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.”

~Lao Tzu

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