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Dogs could teach us humans a thing or two about unconditional love, loyalty and true companionship.  My little pup has sailed all over the world with me.  We have climbed to the top of every mountain we have ever seen.  Together we have explored over a third of the Pacific Crest Trail.  We have watched countless thousands of sunrises and sunsets together, been hopelessly lost, attacked by bears and washed down swollen mountain rivers.  We’ve sweltered through the heat of summer and shivered through the biting cold of many winters.  Through all the wonders of the world we have always been there together.

mountain dog

Through all of our travels Chloe has always had a magic bowl, it aways has food and water and is always exciting when its filled to the brim with nourishment to stave the hunger from a hard day on the trail.  I also have a magic bowl but its filled with something far move valuable than food.  June 17th is Chloe’s 12th birthday, thats 4,380 days we have been together, through thick and thin, ups and downs, good times and bad.  She has never once been left alone, every decision in life I have made since the day I found her at a rescue in Nevada has been made for her.

prefect mountain chalet

Our mountain Chalet was a perfect example of ridiculousness, designed around a dog bed.  I put in heated floors, a heated roof, even a heated driveway.  The whole house was built around our favorite spot, the fireplace.  We spent our evenings recovering from long days exploring the mountains, bachelor and bachelorette a perfect duo.

tahoe dog

Our back yard has always been nature, be-it the front country or the back, islands, valleys, deserts…  Adopting  a crazy brit was the best excuse I could have ever found for a lifetime of playing in the wild.  Girls have come and gone, houses have come and gone and careers have come and gone but she has always been my rock.

brittany spaniel

It may sound like I saved her by adopting her from that lonely desert pen she was born into but you have it all wrong.  I didn’t save her, she saved me.  Happy Birthday little girl.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
― Josh Billings

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