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The boredom was stifling, it was chocking my creativity, drowning my soul and robbing me of my precious youth.  I woke up that morning knowing I needed to do something or I would die having lived the American dream.  I called my accountant, donated 90% of my life’s worth to my favorite charity and stepped onto the tight wire.  As long as I kept my focus I would be fine, if I lost my balance even for a single second I would fall to my death.

How to be a writer

The mighty coin toss has decided many of my life’s most important decisions.  I don’t know the difference between fate and destiny but I know that the coin toss will show me the way.   I don’t know where or when it happend but life has become an endless precession of luxury.  I’m no longer hungry, there is to battle to win, no challenge in front of me.  Its warm, I have plenty of food, there is money in the bank.  I have made dosens of friends in the few days I’ve been on this island and my social offerings are more that I can accept.

I’m at a frightening crossroads…

A) I can accept the the unbelievable circumstance I have fallen to and live a safe easy life.

B) I can step back onto the tight rope and continue my journey and exploration of ultimate freedom.

As much as I believe you can have anything you choose in this life I’m also of the firm belief that pursuit of money will destroy the soul of freedom.  Why go outside in the cold when I can stay warm in the house?  Why sail the pass in complete darkness when I can motor through in daylight?  Why Choose a new place when this place offers everything I’m familiar with?  Why, why, why?

I can come up a thousand barriers to keep me safe, I can set goals and dates and…  the finish line of life will always be moved when you are closest too it.  The longer we wait to reach it the easier it is to swallow when its moved.  As  a writer the only thing I can write about is what I know.  I highly doubt that I will sell many words about living choice A, B on the other hand offers volumes of literary greatness but its not about writing.  Its about living, the writing part is the icing on the cake.  The coin has been been tossed.

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”
― Robert Frost

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