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For the religious folk out there I will say this, God works in mysterious ways.  For everybody else I will say this, Dog works in mysterious ways.  When I saw Chloe trotting toward me with a cute young blond I in tow I didn’t really give it much thought other than yep she’s getting extra doggie treats tonight.  Now what do I think?  HURRICANE!

Bilge babe

I’ve been solo both figuritivly and literally for quite some time.  I sat down and thought of a thousand reasons why I should keep my wall up and Emily off the boat.  Using my typical and complete lack of rational adult restraint I threw caution into the wind asked her to join me for sailing lessons.  Sookie has always been my safe retreat, I place to hide from the world and do my thing alone.  Now that there is a set of tiny feet pitter pattering around my decks it seems every guy in the marina has a reason to come visit.  I heard a rap on the hull from the cool of the V-berth where I was lazing the hot afternoon away and let Emily answer, I was way too comfortable to move.  It was an old friend fro Port Townsend who stopped by with a beautiful copy of The Cost Conscious Cruiser hoping I could help find its way into Emily’s hands.  I could hear the surprise in his voice when she popped her head out of the companionway.

I lazily crawled out of bed to say hello and scanned the saloon, it looked like a hurricane had passed through but so is the nature of living on a small sailboat.   If you can’t keep a neat and orderly boat you simply will have no other choice than to find a larger one.  Little girlie things have been appearing everywhere I look, my space is no longer my own.

Today potty training will begin as I turn over a few lockers for her personal gear, our lessons will be at sea by day and on the hook by night.  I was so impressed the other night when she stopped by for a visit and commented on how beautiful Sookies lines were until I realized that she was talking about the coiled dock lines, shish.  It may be time to change the name of this journal to Art Of Rookie.  I have a friend sailing north in his Lyle Hess 26 to visit and no doubt a challenge for a race will be thrown.  The absolute beauty of my little cutter is that she is so simple and easy to sail that we should be in good race form by the end off the week.

I’ve never been the type of person to look down the road at tomorrow when today is at my finger tips, I jump in headfirst always afraid of missing the fun.  Boats, bikes, beers, and now a bilge babe.  Life is pretty fun in the islands and today is just another perfect example of the joys and benefits of diving in right now and living in the moment. If it wasn’t for Emily’s absolute persistence and commitment to sailing Sookie none of this would have happened, she showed up with her sea bag and took over.  Just for fun I ordered a quote for shipping the boat to San Carlos but thats another story.

From the Log of Sookie July 2014 Cougar Bay.  Its good to have somebody who misses you when your gone.

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