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I was born in my family home in the summer of 1968.  We lived in a small house on the edge of the Hollywood Hills in a suberb called Highland Park.  I survived the sixties and seventies.  The eighties found me as a young adult taking the world by storm.  By the nineties I had turned my love of travel and photography into a paid world tour.  The turn of the century brought about huge changes both good and bad.  The millennium gave me success I never dreamed imaginable and now here we are in 2014.  Today I am celebrating my 46th birthday on this little planet, I have no regrets and wouldn’t go back and change any single day of my life.

My imaginary girlfriend

I was woken this morning to Frank Sinatra’s All By Myself.  I worked for Frank for years so this was quite a fitting way to start the day.  I’m single and live alone but in no way shape or form have I spent one day on this earth all by myself.  I have survived two failed marriages betrayal of close friends and have experienced almost everything the world of relationships has to offer.  As far as true love is concerned I guess I won’t know it till It finds me.

As we grow the changes in ourselves are constant but I’ve yet to meet a single soul on this earth who wants to go it alone.   I don’t either but I do it by choice, I’d rather be single than spend my days with the wrong person just for the sake of not feeling alone.  We all have a Yin to our Yang but we can’t force it, the universe will provide only when we are ready to receive.

I had planned a solo birthday bike tour but since I’ve yet to replace the dog trailer I totaled and couldn’t find a sitter for Chloe I decided to spend the day working on the boat with my imaginary girlfriend.  I say imaginary but she is real.  She is out there floating on the pacific somewhere following the sun.  I don’t have any real chriterea for love other than having a mate I can rely on, this is the one thing in this world I have never experienced  so I sail on solo, happy and in good company with my imaginary girlfriend.

I don’t remember my first kiss but my next will be my last.  Until then I happily sail solo through a sea of choice.

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