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I climbed into the Dink at 6:00 am to row Chloe to shore.  In the calm of the morning I stopped just long enough to stare at Sookie and admire her beautiful lines.  In all  my life I have yet to see a more beautiful boat.  You would think this feeling goes away in time but it doesn’t, its actually the opposite.  The more I sail and live aboard her the more beautiful she becomes to me.  When I first acquired her a friend told me you have no Idea what you have there.  I didn’t understand his words but more and more I come to appreciate them.

Montgomery 6'8" dingy

A sick family member prompted me to sell the boat.  I wasn’t using her for her intended purpose and our failed health care system is a joke, it was literally letting a loved one die.  I listed the boat way below market value hoping for a quick sale.  A boat is just a boat and I can always get a new one down the road.  On a whim I called my ex girlfriend who is an Ancient Chinese Herbalist and asked if she could help.  Three weeks later a full recovery is in progress.  She did what modern medicine and our retarded health care system couldn’t.

Blue Water Pocket Crusier

I no longer have to sell the boat but over the course of the last month I needed a diversion to occupy my mind and my time so I started searching for what would be my next boat down the road.  All my research turned me back to my little Falmouth Cutter.  Her simplicity is what makes her not only beautiful but very affordable in comaprison to many if not most cruising boats and the market today.  Her true full keel is a joy to sail to weather when it gets gross out.  Her outboard motor keeps me sailing when I would consider kicking over the diesel if I had one.  Her huge sail plan means I can keep sailing and having fun in the most challenging conditions.  She has never let me down, I have never had a piece of failed gear and even though she still is only one step above luxury camping any good boat will always be a work in progress.

falmouth cutter 22

I still have no permanent water tanks but have never run out of water.  Her oven has been in storage for three years but I have never gone without a hot meal.  We still use a bucket for a head and have never once had a complaint from crew and don’t have to smell crap wafting across the deck form an air head.  Sure my cushions are old, my batteries are dead and I don’t have refrigeration or a water maker.  I don’t have radar, AIS, GPS, C.A.R.D. or a windlass.  My sails aren’t brand new and I don’t have a dodger or lifelines.  My dingy is oar powered and I have to actually navigate everywhere I go, the list is endless.

falmouth cutter 22

Last night I was surprised by two friends who sailed their little Falmouth Cutter in from Port Townsend to celebrate my birthday with me.  We switched back and forth from boat to boat sharing ideas and simple upgrades, drank too many beers and laughed the night away.  Its amazing how two boats built by the same factory can be so different.  I guess thats the beauty of buying a fixer upper.  Every day they become more like you built and tailored to your specific needs.  I still love boat shopping and seeing all the different sizes and flavors but at the end of the day I go to sleep in my dream boat.

Falmouth Cutter

I’ve spent every single penny I have on this boat, her hull is dry and barrier coated.  Her decks are solid and dry, her mast has been rebuilt from top to bottom and has a fresh coat of paint.  All her spars and rigging is brand new.  Her sails are good and her nonskid is amazing.  Sookie is a work in progress but in my humble opinion she is one in a million.  I tried to give her away out of a desperate situation.  While I won’t be crossing any oceans in the near future I no longer need to sell my home and she is off the market.  The best advice I have ever been given is that if you want to recieve all the riches in the world, first you must be willing to give them away.

Falmouth Cutter 22 s/v Jack Russell

From the Log of Sookie, Couger Bay July 8, 2014  Its better to give than to recieve but receiving is pretty damn nice too.  Today I was given the best birthday gift a man can have, freedom…

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