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I want my two dollars!  By the age of nine I was a collections agent for the Herald Examiner.  I would take my list door to door collecting the previous months newspaper bills for the paper boy.  By nine I was already well established in the work force having had my own lemon-aid stand and a small business painting addresses on peoples curbs.  It all started when I asked my father for a BB gun.  His was reply was; this is America son, you can have anything you want, just get a job and pay for it, and so it began.

New Salt

Sitting in the cockpit under the shade of my awning, coffee in hand I have the best office in the world.  I’m surrounded by the one percenters, the only difference between me and them is that Monday morning they will be back at the office working hard to pay off the one hundred percent interest on all their debt.  My life may not be for everyone but it is my chosen way, debt free and easily within my means.  The only thing holding you back from having everything you want in this world is excuses.  An old example of this is try and sit down, you can’t you either do it or you don’t.

When I first invited Adam abroad two years ago I could see that twinkle in his eye, he had never been sailing or on a sailboat but he was a sailor.  Last winter he bought a 14′ dingy and did a complete restoration soon to be followed by his first big boat an Ericson 27.  He spent the winter teaching himself to sail and overcoming seasickness.  Late one stormy evening I got a text message.  Why is there no rope attached to my chain?  Adam was on his first overnighter on his third boat a nice Westerly ketch.  He kicked the anchor over and watched 60′ of chain funnel out and fall to the depths of the sea and another valuable lesson had been learned.

Adam is the Millionaire next door minus the million dollars.  He has no debt, does all his own work and is incredibly resourceful.  His main priority in life is being the best single father he can be and spending all his time raising his son.  He has found the perfect balance between earning a living and knowing when enough is enough.  Adam and Jake are now full time live-aboards cruising the Salish Sea.  You don’t have to be rich to live this lifestyle, you just have to want it more than anything.  If you see Roda Roka out in the Islands stop by and say hi.

Adam makes his living from photography but if you ask him what he does he says he’s a father… What are you?

Attitude is the difference between ordeal and adventure.  ~Bob Bitchin

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