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Sitting in the morning sun the smell of potatoes and onions wafts out into the cockpit. Today is a special day, we have farm fresh eggs and veggies to add into the mix.  Chloe is already napping in her shady spot on the dock, another prefect day in paradise.

Small boat provisioning

Our meals like our lives are simple yet nourishing and fulfilling.  Chloe has turned the corner and seems to be getting a bit better.  My mother has also turned the corner and seems to be getting better.  Its been  a trying summer and we both hope the worst is behind us.  Ive read Lin Pardeys words a thousand times about choosing your window of opportunity but until this summer I never understood how important it is.  It was a tough decision with so many options but we have decided to winter over in the San Juan’s.

This week has been the craiziest of the summer with so many amazing options and new boats to choose from.  We were offered a straight across trade on one of the most amazing yachts I have ever seen but in the end we both know that small and simple is more fun, for us anyways.

We still have about 6 more weeks till winter rears its ugly head and the clock is against us, Emily still needs to paint the bowsprit and wax the topsides and I still need to finish all the woodwork before we can retire for the winter and hunker down a like two little rabbits in our cozy little rabbit hole.

The process of putting Sookie up for sale and finding a newer more affordable boat has been a fun yet daunting process.  In the end we learned a lot both about our needs verse our wants and also were reminded of how simple little Sookie is and now that all crisiss seem to have been averted “knock on wood”  we can go back to doing what we do best which is being lazy yachters enjoying all that this big beautiful world provides for us.

I could have gone about this whole process in many different ways but in the end I knew if I gave the total responsibility of choosing our new boat to Emily that she would know that it’s her boat too.

“The right thing at the wrong tme is the wrong thing.”
― Joshua Harris,

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