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Rarely have I ever seen a boat as finely designed or built as the Nor’sea 27.  Each and every hull pulled from a sparkling clean mold and hand built to the most exacting standards, they are a pure example of how to built an impossibly perfect ship.

Nor'sea 27

Emily has been on several Nor’sea 27’s and fell in love with each one in its own way.  Having a finished boat with no debt is my dream and this little 27 we have been seriously considering is just that.  I was a bit surprised when Emily stone cold threw the Kibosh on the deal sending us back to square one.

Nor'sea 27

There wasn’t any single feature that that we didn’t love, in fact saying that this is one of my all time favorite boats would be an understatement.  In the end we decided we weren’t ready to give up our super simple and elegant layout, wide decks, a private V-berth and huge galley.  The Nor’sea 27 would give us a longer water line and more speed off the wind but also a cut a way forefoot and a substanially more complex and expensive boat.  My love affair hasn’t ended but for now we have placed this fine little ship as third on our list.  The Dana 24 was the last and on top of our list until the opportunity to own a brand new 36′ schooner fell onto our laps.  I wouldn’t want such a huge boat forever but the thought of doing a winter cruise up to Alaska is a very real dream of mine.  I already named the book Schooner or Later but that will have to wait untill we ponder all the excellent attributes of the Pacific Seacraft  Dana 24.

For every complicated boat problem, there is a simple and elegant solution – which is almost always wrong. – Mike Bennett, Cupertino

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