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Emily picked up the cast iron skillet in a menacing manner and turned to me.  We both know she doesn’t know how to use it in the galley, yet she held it with all the skill of a Samurai Warrior. The entire scene played out in slow motion, every scenario ran through my head and they all finished with the same news headline.  Disgruntled sailing mate serves up a can of whoop ass for breakfast.

Falmouth cutter 22

Lets get one thing straight Alan, we can’t do everything.  The bike trip is off, Costa Rica is off, the winter road trip is off, everything is off.  We are going to get this boat right and comfy for our most basic sailing needs and you are taking me away!

Falmouth Cutter 22

Lets start at the very beginning, Money.  The average human being spends over 50% of their lives earning, managing, spending, saving and complexing over money.  Were not broke anymore but we are far from being retired.  I wanted to store the boat, pack the car, drive to Costa Rica and spend the winter as a cycling guide.  The only thing Emily cares about is making this boat our perfect little home, caring for both me and Chloe and learning every single thing she can about this little boat and how she moves and how to keep her moving.

Falmouth Cutter 22


The whole frying pan incident started and ended with the boat budget.  We sail and live on a shoestring budget but neither of us are suffering.  The challenge of finishing the boat, outfitting for blue water cruising, and tucking enough away for a year to two of freedom keeps us challenged and happy.  Keeping the boat simple is our biggest challenge but also are largest reward.  The icy bite of showering in the cockpit only lasts a few minutes, but the endorphins created last all day.


Like Sookie, Emily is both my master and servant.  We jumped straight into this and both still have much to learn about each other, both our strenghts and weaknesses.  Together we learn when to push, when to pull and when to silently support the others needs.  There is a great deal of love and laughter on this boat but there are also the growing pains of squashing three souls into a 6′ cabin.  There are hundreds of books on how to buy, outfit and sail.  This blog isn’t isn’t a guide or how to anything, its just our story and how we are learning to do all the little things that keep our relationship happy, healthy and fun while we plot our course to adventure.

From the Log of Sookie.  Love is a word I never thought I would utter again yet here it is, like a storm at sea both frightening and beautiful at the same time… Salish Sea 2014

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