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I have always loved the song from Mary Poppins, Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.  Now that Emily has her own boat I have the fun of teaching her to maintain it.

bright work

Sookie takes only about two weeks a year to maintain, one in the spring and one in fall.  Wax, woodwork, polish, check the rig, check the sails… We always pride ourselves on having the finest maintained yacht wherever we go, Sookie is our calling card after all.  The payoff is that there are never any surprises, we never have any failures other than the engine but thats always exciting and as long as we stay ahead of ourselves all the work is in small fun doses.

falmouth cutter 22

Now that the dust has settled we have gone back to being live-aboard day sailors.  The weather has been perfect and its busy as ever here which makes it hard to get anything done.  There is always something curious going on in the harbor and we feel the need to investigate anything that smells like fun.   We have slipped back into our simple routine and are really getting excited for the wind to show up again, sailing season is upon us.

sailor girl

I’ve been ignoring things like a proper topping lift and reefing gear, now that there is a smaller set of hands working the boat I may also need to add a few winches to the mast.  Sookie may only be 22′ on deck but her rig is sized more like a 30’er so everything needs to be made for a smaller framed person.  The only thing on this boat I really worry about as far as Emily is concerned is the ground tackle.  I always do all the anchoring but in an emergency she will need to be able to handle everything.  We have given ourself till November 1st  to get as much done on the rig as we can then we move inside to the galley, plumbing, new cussions, batteries and solar, I have even considered having GPS onboard, go figure.

falmouth cutter 22

We’ve come along way as a team in a short amount of time but we have only just begun.  You see it far too often the chauvinist sailor who only lets his wife steer the boat and he does everything else never really teaching her anything, it seems such a lonely way to sail through life, I will never be that guy.  Each day Emily gets small doses on everything from engines and docking to the finer details of navigation and seamanship.  Before you build a skyscraper first you must build a firm foundation.

falmouth cutter 22

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
― Phil Jackson

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