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Voyaging sailors in the north like all mammals in the wild will crawl into thier warm Cabins to sleep the darkest coldest part of the winter away.  I always give myself till November first to have all of Sookies outside winterizations complete.  Once we reach November its only a short 51 days till winter solstice and the official end of our winter.


Once I move inside its all about storing lots of food booze and snacks to sustain us for months on end, should winter actually find its way to the PNW we will be ready.  New cussions have been ordered and I’m in desperate search of a big puffy fluffy blanket to keep my hibermate warm and snuggled up before the first flakes of winter fly.

sailboat provisions

The days of short sails, hot buttered rum and finding good friends to hole up with and dry out are upon us.  Each day when Emily heads out to work I dive into the next project.  I’m still finding high paying pickup  work but on a tiny island like this it could end any day.  Our food rotation is going well but we can’t seem to exhaust the provisons I loaded aboard in the spring, some of it now several years old and still barely showing any signs of rust.

Falmouth Cutter

When you live aboard such a small boat with three souls condensation is a constant battle, locker by locker all winter long I will fight the good fight with mold, mildew and the constant cloud of condesation that hangs in the air making us wish for the lazy days of summer.  We seem to accumulate quite a bit of salt down below so once a year I clean every inch of the boat, its amazing how much dryer she stays once she is salt free.

Ground tackle

Cleaning and drying our primary anchor rode is a gross job but worth the effort.  Every year I flip the line from end to end.  After the rode is two years old I switch it to my secondary anchor rode that never gets used, then to my stern anchor that rarely gets used and then it all gets cut and spliced for new dock lines.  This insurance policy costs me 100 bucks a year and always guarantees that I have fresh strong line on my bower.  Dock lines never last more than one season around here and this practice that I have done since I owned my first boat costs less than replacing the lines once a year with pre spliced store bought dock lines.  Its always the little things that help you sleep at night.


My last coat of varnish has been laid and I’m praying it won’t rain till later this evening, I still have to paint the bowsprit and seal all the raw wood as Emily is waxing the whole boat, then its on to more fun projects that involve drills, taps, and lots of shiny new hardware.

Maxpedition Proteus

Sookie isn’t just a sailboat or our home, she is also our ticket to the world, bug out boat and just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Why is the rabbit unafraid?  Because he is smarter than the Panther.

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