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I do some of my best writing while on my bike, the long slow mythodical push through the woods helps quiet my A.D.D. and focus on the thoughts at hand.  Like sailing our little cutter, cycling is simple, natural and as clean for the environment as we can get.

Topo designs klettersack

Life is pretty busy these days as we push for our spring departure date.  The new blog is going well and already a full time job with lots of surprises coming.  I had no idea that I would get such a warm welcome and so much support from day one and I’m loving it.

topo designs klettersack

Our workload is up to 12 hour days and with a the winter chill in the air its hard to sneak out too long before the boat gets to cold for Chloe.  We can easily schedule in in a three hour ride and be back in time to crank the heater to warm her chilly bones.

surly cross check

Like the sea in her warmer moods, the woods are our sanctuary during the months that its too cold for our thin blood out on the water.  The bikes are also a necessary break from the insanity of stage two of our refit.  Picture two A.D.D/O.C.D. misfits trapped in a 4’x6′ box that gets torn apart and put back together every day.  Now add in 18 hours of dark, a sick stinky dog and ever shrinking budget all packaged up in a dank terrarium, thats life in a nutshell.

surly cross check

As with with any boat, first we make it a safe boat, then we make it a comfortable boat, then we make it a pretty boat.  The new cushions are coming along as fast as we can pay for them and the new design for our galley is almost done.  Unfortunately it looks like we will sail another season without water tanks or lifelines but like all good things they will come.

Kona Paddy wagon CX

Cabin fever and winter exhaustion are easily broken by a heart thumping ride playing cat and mouse on single and double track trails hidden deep in the woods.

bike porn

In a few short weeks Emily has turned into world class cyclist which is a far cry from where she started crippled with fear of her bike.  Our skinny tires carried us through  the trail except for the most technical sections and once again I have been rewarded for my patience with her.  I tried to buy Emily new CX tires the day her bike arrived but in her ever penny pinching way she refused and I didn’t push.  Now she is asking about gravel tires and showing more interest in her bike and its mechanical workings every day.

surly cross check

We raced on the tarmac all the way home and while I’m still faster, she is giving me more of a run for my money everyday.  This summer getting her to walk up a flight of stairs was like trying to convince her to climb Mt Everest, these days the first words out of her mouth are when can we ride and how far can we go.  She is even scheming to bring the bikes with us on our summer sailing adventures.

topo designs klettersack

We finished our long fast ride at the local beer store and true to form my new Klettersack swallowed a 18 pack of beers along with all my ride warmies.  Life is good and very busy but we always make time to play with each other.  I never could have imagined how far this city girl could come in such a short period of time.  Looks like my Peter Pan Syndrome is contagious.

topo designs klettersack

A new world is opening for both of us and as we continue our trials and tribulations of surviving winter, we are learning to not only survive each other and our shortcomings but to thrive and embrace them.  A little bit of patience goes along way in a small boat.  If I have relearned anything this year its to lead by example and never ask for anything.  Whats meant to be will come your way when the universe deems you worthy.

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

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