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Within minutes of my divorce becoming final I called my title agent and told her to push the button on Sookie.  She was a gift to myself and to new beginnings, a new life and a new adventure.  Deep down I knew I wouldn’t be making any far off voyages in the near future with my aging dog but I needed a life raft and a therapist and this little old boat seemed to be the perfect diversion from me.

falmouth cutter 22

As much as I hated the thought of going it alone deep down It made sense.  Relationships came and went and with each one I turned closer and closer to a life as a solo sailor and began to embrace it.  By early spring I had cut the dock lines of life completely and headed towards my new existence of a solo life and was quite happy to stay that way.  I had taken myself off the market and was completely embracing my oneness.

sailing singles

Like a perfect storm all the elements came together and Hurricane Emily knocked me flat on my ass.  I pushed her away as hard as I could, not because she wasn’t awesome but because I had become quite accustomed to being the most irresponsible person on the planet earth.  I didn’t have to answer to anybody and I was loving it.  My life had no bounds, no schedules and not pre conceived notions of future, the present moment in time was all I could see and all I needed.  There is something very powerful about a man and his dog.

sailing dog

Having not a care in the world also meant I could live my life by my own terms and take what ever risks I felt reasonable and nobody could fault me for living true to my own nature.  Those days are gone and now there are two souls on this boat to contend with but it isn’t just the two souls on the boat that matter, there are is a very long line of family members on her side who I am now responsible for and with this unexpected new family comes unexpected responsibility.  I have always attended the school of self reliance and that means If I’m foolish enough to find myself in trouble out on the big blue I damn well be capable of undoing what ever fool hardy mess I have gotten myself into.  I have never once considered a life raft or EPIRB but now that Emily’s name sits inked into my log book I’m changing the way I think.  Sookie is as safe as any boat on the high sea’s and that has always been fine for me. Sookie is my life-raft, from the sea, the nations massively failing economy and the complete insanity of the world.  She is my master and servant, home, insurance policy, savings account, and escape pod all rolled into one.

Montgomery 6'8"

My new Montgomery 6’8″ hard dingy was meant to be my last ditch effort at staying afloat but no amount of trying would find her a way to safely mount on the deck of Sookie.  I studyied every dingy known to man and came up with a total Loss and here is where the traditional sailor in me turns an eye towards the future.  If you see the name Switlik appearing around here in the near future its because I’m hoping to find a way to add her as a new crew member in the very near future.  They say the spots on a leopard never change.  I’m not a leopard, I’m a sailor and now you might say a modern traditionalist.

May you live in interesting times.  ~Chinese proverb, curse