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!8 months ago I cut the dock lines without a single penny to my name.  I had enough charts to cover a small portion of the Salish Sea and a few months of provisions.  I didn’t know where I was headed or how I would survive but it didn’t matter, I chose life.

Private Beach

Looking back it seems like a lifetime ago but feels like it was just yesterday.  Hundreds of setting suns, storms and calms both in life and on the water.  Slow days, fast days, days I can’t remember and days I’ll never forget.  Sailors come and go but new friendships made in the Islands will last forever.  This body of water has become my home, her mood swings guide my life. I could spend a thousand years exploring her endless coastlines but the time to move on is near.

It never gets any easier but it does become routine.  Family affairs, work, money, boat maintenance, like the seasons, life’s little challenges come and go.  It’s all a constant but also manageable.  I have no cell phone or internet.  My tide book is my calander and my pocket my bank account.  Today I have cream in my coffee so it must be a good week or maybe I’m just being a bit careless with the budget.

When you come from nothing, something seems pretty wonderful.  I started outlining a new writing project today but its roots stem back nearly 30 years.  You can’t voyage forever on nothing but you can get out and live and when its time to swallow the anchor for a few weeks or months you do it knowing its only a matter of time before you pull the anchor and set off again free as a bird.  Today we are holding on to this chapter of our lives as hard as we can but as it slips through our fingers like the sands of time we know change is coming.  The barometer will eventually bottom out and start climbing and when it does we will slip the lines for the hundredth time and drift off with little more than each other an and an unquenchable thirst for life.  It isn’t just another year coming to and end but another decade.  Where does the time go…

From the Log of Sookie, December 2014 San Juan Island~ All our ducks are in a row, Sookie waits patently tugging at her dock lines.  I can’t help but to wonder where we will be floating at this time next year or even next week.

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