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Emily has flown the coop leaving me to my own devices for 7 straight days now.  I haven’t showered once since she left, have been sleeping less than 4 hours a day and have been living off of pop tarts and beers.  I’ve  literarily torn the entire boat apart on a risky but daring mold hunt.  Now I have less than 24 hours to put it all back together before she comes home.

living in the boatyard

She is actually only a block away, her mom came to visit and the two of them have been out doing whatever it is that little girls do when they get together.  Her parents have adopted an ostrich strategy when it comes to our relationship.  Their heads are buried deep in the sand completely ignoring the fact that I exist.  While I don’t blame them for their issues with our age difference I simply don’t let it or them get to me.  There is an old saying no man can serve two masters.  I learned a very long time ago to live by life by my rules regardless of what others think, life is just too short.

I have been playing my own ostrich game  when it comes to our now 30 year old stainless steel pintles and gudgeons.  They are the bane of my existence, nothing would make me feel like a bigger douche than to loose my rudder.  While it may seem like a little fix its not.  Having custom hardwear fabricated is relatively easy and almost affordable but there is more too it.  When I replace them I also want to fill the prop aperture cut out and replace my now aging barrier coat.  Sookie doesn’t have a single zit or void on her hull and before we take her into warmer water this needs to be attended to.  Sure we could haul out for the summer dry and strip the hull and be on our way but neither of us is willing to forgo summer in the San Juan’s.  We discussed sailing all summer then shipping the boat somewhere warm to do the work but shipping would kill our yard budget.  The beauty of stainless steel is that it rots from the inside out so while they look nice and shiny on the outside they could be completely effed on the inside.  Its a good thing we love this area so much because at the rate we are going on our refit we will be sailing these waters for quite some time.  I’ve been banging on my calculator all day.  When ever I put together a project I make an estimate double it then add 50%.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Benjamin Franklyn

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