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In five short days I reach my self imposed cut off for this seasons upgrades.  We can finally say we have survived winter together in a 22′ sailboat without killing each other, it was close.  Mark my words, we will never spend another winter living aboard in northern waters.

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So we have learned to share in each others insanity, forgive and forget all of our short commings and somehow through it all are not only still friends but lovers.  As a team we are growing strong and quickly moving towards becoming a single unit.  We have put our short list away again unfinished and can finally turn our attention towards spring.  Another season using a camp stove, 5 gallon water jugs, candle light, hand steering and using what ever paper charts we are fortunate enough to come across.  Chloe is still going down hill but comfortable and happy, its a constant emotional roller coaster but this little fur ball means the world to us.

sailing blog

With so few Falmouth Cutters ever built we have had to come up with our own ideas for her rebuild which is quite evident by her painfully slow progress.  On the rare ocassions that we cross one of her sisterships, the camera and tape measure come out and its exciting comparing all the small differences.  While all FC’s we built to the owners spec’s Sookie is one of a kind for better and worse.

sailing blog

I’m loving our new lifelines and quarter berth cushions and while we are still mid refit Sookie is really starting to feel like a proper yacht.  We learned along time ago that she will never be finished but she is perfect for summer gunk holing in the Salish Sea. I can hear Emily reading this and saying I‘m not the one who is batshit crazy he is!  But we both know the truth about that 😉

Dispute not with her: she is lunatic.”
― William Shakespeare

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