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We rode the last of the flood quietly sailing into the large protected bay on the heels of a storm.  The dog is sick, our staysail torn, engine broken again and were almost out of fresh food.  Eyes wide open the two of us couldn’t be more excited to be as close as we have ever been to being completely free, for now at least.

sailing blog

Its 11;30 Am and I haven’t done a single thing today other than walk and feed the dog and make a hot cup of coffee. Emily is in a sleep coma and Chloe is curled up snoring, after a long sleepless night we are all a bit out of sorts. I should be working on the boat, sewing my sail, looking for a few pickup days of employment or even writing professionallly rather than waste my precious time on the blog.

sailing blog

I guess thats what writers do, we write.  Without a constantly evolving story we can’t write, get paid, or continue the long slow drift we have come to know as life.  There are times when I almost feel guilty for not lifting more than a single finger in the search for gainful employment.  I say gainful because we make so little writing it almost doesn’t seem to be worthwhile.   Then again we don’t consider writing to be work, for us its not only fun but a way of life that perpetuates our way of life.

sailing blog

The freedom dance continues and its a constant balancing act.  This week I had to forgo my favorite coffee and buy bulk discount coffee.  It sucks but I have to say shitty coffee in the islands beats grommet coffee in the the city any day.  At either end of the spectrum it all comes with a  price. like everything in life freedom can be negotiated. I haven’t given up my quest for the worlds best coffee, wine and cheese but due to current circumstances for the next few weeks it will be Folger’s, cheap beers and a vegan diet.  So is life in the islands and you won’t hear any complaints from us.

From the log of Sookie March 2015.  Its entirely possible that we have become trapped in the most beautiful place on earth.

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