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When I met Emily I didn’t have to convince her into a sailing life, long term voyaging or cutting the lines and sailing away.  Sitting in the sun like a turtle on a log I was happy as a clam living my days dockside with my old dog.  It was her that had to do the convincing.

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I had my eyes set on Costa Rica and the same life I was living but in a more tropical climate.  I love day sailing and coming back to my plug and endless water.  When we think of blue water voyaging just about any boat will do but not any just set up will do. Sookie needs relatively little to continue in any direction she chooses and our  southerly migrations to the Caribbean is right on track but its not the set up and rig that is the most difficult part, it isn’t spares, charts, backups and emergency equipment, thats all just a few greenbacks away.

The hard part for us is Family and convincing them that we are not completely insane. I come from an educated upper middle class family as does Emily but they are all convinced that the world is flat and we will sail right off the end of it.  For all would be cruisers we reach a point where its no longer someday but a very near reality.  All of our ducks are in a row, our shore side lives far behind us and and our thinking is 100% one dimensional, one year lots of stuff to do, easy peasy Japaneasey.

Sea trails will be shaking out the boat, our selfs and really learning how minimal we can comfortably go.  Our shake down will also be training our families that we are off the grid and can’t simply pick up a phone and call to say hi or instantly respond to texts and emails.  This will be hard on all sides but neither of us would find all of this much fun if we knew our families were sitting white knuckled by the phone waiting for it to ring.  Of all the trials and tribulations we have gone through to get where we are, timing has proved to be the most difficult.  It isn’t cutting the dock lines, that was easy, its cutting the umbilical cord.

“The common man prays, ‘I want a cookie right now!’ And the universe responds, ‘If you’d listen to what I say, tomorrow it will bring you 100 cookies.”