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The very first night I used my new Rocna Anchor we got hit with 30 knots sustained winds gusting much higher.  The weather guessers had called for a 10 knot breeze through the night yet there we were anchored 75 yards above a solid rock sea wall pitching like a bucking bronco.  By morning I had coined the term Rocna’d to sleep. Rocna Vulcan

Since that night I have been a kool-aid drinking Rocna convert.  There was a time when anchoring was a pretty big ordeal, now we set it and forget it.  The Salish Sea in summer is about as tame as it gets but we still get a good bit of breeze now and then. I don’t have a single complaint with my anchor, infact I haven’t thought about it once since that first night and we’ve seen some good ones blow through.

rocna anchor review

We expect to spend at least a hundred nights on the hook this year and while shopping for chain I came across the new Vulcan.  If I had to find a fault with our current bower it would be that that big roll bar won’t let us stow the anchor on our roller so we just hook it over the bob stay.  This system isn’t idea but it works.  I love Sookie more than words can tell and would never consider using a new product without years of testing behind it.  Having said that I have so much confidence in Rocna that I have no problem adding a new Vucan.  The 22lb Rocna has always seemed a bit over kill and the new 20lb could be a perfect fit and perfect one more challenge of sailing a small boat, anchor storage.

Our anchor is the single best piece of insurance we carry.  Their are people who think my love for the Rocna is just plain crazy, whats crazy to me is spending a hundred grand on a boat and not having the best damn anchor money can buy to protect not only your boat but your family.

You may not be able to buy happiness but you sure as hell can buy a good nights sleep.

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