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The acronym B.O.A.T stands for break out another thousand but in our case it should stand for bankruptcy on a trailer.  We are not shipping the boat!  The Caribbean will have to wait but all is good on the hipster  waterfront.

sailing budgets

We had our hearts set on shipping the boat to Florida at the end of summer and sailing south but the math just doesn’t add up so Port Townsend it will be and we are stoked. Like most boaters we have completely blown the budget for our 100 day drift but neither of us could care in the least.  The boat is stocked we have a hand full of charts and no curfew.  Things are getting downright interesting around here and there is so much good going on it feels like we have gone to fantasy camp.  Its almost time to put the lists away and I have fallen into a slow groove.

Sailing budgets

Emily’s last day at at work is next week and we are throwing a Pirate bash to celebrate, of course I started early but its just because I’m really excited for her.  Sewing sails, splicing lines lots of naps and sundowners in the jacuzzi is a pretty good way shake the winter tedium.

Kramer goes to a Fantasy camp? His whole life is a fantasy camp! People should plunk down $2,000 to live like him for a week. Do nothing, fall ass backwards in the money, mooch food off your neighbors and have sex without dating; now that’s a fantasy camp. ~George Costanza

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