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The pitter-patter of deck shoes and chirping of happy voices was a great way to start the day.  An extended arm passed us a hot and tasty home made zucchini and banana bread pie that was gone in a matter of minutes.  These kids are awesome I say.

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Marina and Conrad in their very young twentys are doing everything right.  They have blocked a huge chunk of the summer to push North to the Desolation Sound with their beautiful pocket cruiser and we miss them already.  The only thing we could find missing from their finely fitted yacht was a Ukulele for Marina but I’m sure Conrad will find her a good one.

sailing blog

Charlie and Hailey came and left the pervious day, we seem to run into them everywhere on their beautiful Flicka.  Alaska is their halfway mark and we hope to cross wakes with them many times over the next few months even though our plans are not quite as ambitious. We’ve already made a dozen new friends all heading north.  Emily is putting together a pineapple telegraph to email out every few weeks with everyones locations so we can all keep in touch.

sailing blog

Captain Emily just took her first solo sail did awesome from the get go.  The wind really started to pick up and we could hear her screams as she zoomed past us again and again.  So life goes on, the scavenger hunt for our last bits of flotsam and jetsam continues and each day we fall a little deeper into the spell. The cruising season is upon us.

From the time we are born to the time we die we are free. That is all we have in this world is time. The value that we put on money, stock, bonds, land and toys is all circumstantial. So we get groomed into chasing the all mighty dollar to be able to enjoy the life we want only to work so much that we forget to live. And by the time we do it would have been too late. In the end don’t live your life looking back saying, “I wish that I had worked more.”

Live your life now. Sometimes “Later” becomes “Never”

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